Tuesday, 22 September 2015

What Differentiates Modern LEDs from Traditional Lighting

Lights have served as an imperative aspect of interior designing since ages. Leaving aside the utility factor, it is designing that has also played a crucial role behind the evolution of lights. Gone are the days when traditional incandescent lights served as the only alternative for interior designing. The advent of advanced LED illuminations panels and lighting fixtures has gradually transformed the entire concept of interior lighting.
LEDs have gained worldwide acclamation from both commercial and residential sector not because of their utility and efficiency; but the flexible designing options that they offer have also made them a preferable choice for the majority. There are several features that make LEDs better than the traditional counterparts both on terms of design and utility. Now, let us have a quick look at some of the most distinctive traits that differentiates the modern LED lighting panels from the traditional lighting alternatives like the incandescent lamps and CFLs.

  •   Life Expectancy
When it comes to life expectancy, LEDs will stay ahead of the league on any given day. These advanced lighting panels come with superior durability and as such they last for a very long time when compared to the other alternatives. It is important to note that these lights have an average life expectancy of 25000 to 100000 hours depending on the level of usage, whereas the conventional incandescent lamps have a lifespan that ranges up to 5000 hours of operation. This is one of the major aspects that make the LEDs widely applicable for use in the industrial and commercial sectors that require the usage of lights for a longer time span. The life span of the LED panels depends upon the quality parameters, as well. People who are eager to purchase quality LED lighting accessories in Melbourne can consider opting for the reputed stores because that might help one to be sure about the standard and quality.
  •   The Heat Factors
The traditional lighting options have a tendency to heat up with constant usage and this is one of the prominent reasons that serve as a degrading factor for the filament used. Comparatively LEDs generate negligible heat even after being used for a long time and this makes it an ideal option for use in the domestic sectors. 
  • Efficiency and Flexibility
As far as efficiency is concerned, LEDs will surely top the list. These true energy savers convert 80% of the energy to light energy and the rest 20% to heat energy, whereas the incandescent bulbs convert 80% of the energy to heat and the rest 20% to light energy. Tremendous efficiency makes LED a highly cost effective option. Another important aspect that makes LEDs an ideal option for interior designing is the flexibility that it offers. These lights can be used for manufacturing various flexible and designer strips that are not only efficient but also eye catchy. People who are looking to buy stylish and elegant LED downlights in Melbourne can consider contacting the reputable lighting accessories suppliers to grab the best of products.

These are some of the most prominent traits that make LEDs a better choice than the conventional alternatives. These lights offer a host of options to the buyers who are looking to decorate their house with lights and as such, prove to be a commendable option indeed.

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