Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Reasons for the Increased Demand of LED Lights

Advancement in technology has resulted in bringing things that are very important for living. Lights are one such necessity which is extremely required for us. Unlike incandescent lights, these fixtures tend to be much more efficient and durable. Emergence of LED is the result of the evolving technology that emits lights more in comparison to the conventional sources.

The prime advantage of making usage of these illuminators is many. Not only they have the potential to emit much stronger light but also making use of no mercury helps to maintain environmental balance by reducing pollutants. The many benefits of these sources are not limited to these few. Here are a few more that have made them ideal for using both in commercial and residential areas.

Excellent Designs and Color Quality:

Previous days, the illuminators used to come in very simple designs and not in different colors.  Due to availability in a very fewer designs, these does not seem to be an ideal option. In today’s date, when whether it is residential or commercial areas, a beautiful design is a must, LED's prove to be a better choice. Their excellent designs and availability in variable colors of pendant lights have increased their demand. 

Requires Less Power:

A major problem faced by homeowners is the huge electric bill and traditional lights play a major role in increasing it. To emit lights, they consume huge power. It has been calculated that these advanced sources save 80% electric power.  In comparison to the traditional sources, these fixtures require less energy thereby save electricity to a good extent. 

No Hazardous Substances:

This is one of the major reasons that have raised the demand of these products. Unlike the fluorescent bulbs that contains mercury, these fixtures are devoid of it, hence proves to be an environment-friendly option. Safe disposal of fluorescent bulbs is very expensive as it contains mercury in it. Because of the making use of no mercury, LED's are safe for disposing.

5 Times More Durable:

The life span of these fixtures is incredibly high in comparison to the conventional sources. It has been concluded that they long for 20,000 hours. When the longevity of accessories is more it means need for replacement is lesser than the conventional sources. When calculated, it has been found that they last five times longer than the conventional sources. 

Lessen Maintenance Costs:

When compared to the fluorescent bulbs, these LED's last for approximately 2 to 5 times more, and 35 to 50 times more than the incandescent lights. Lasting for long eradicates the need for replacement at a regular interval thereby less maintenance cost. 

The above-mentioned are some of the advantages of LED's that shows the reason for worldwide popularity. From the many designs accepted throughout the world, designed LED strip lighting is preferred in Melbourne. With these fixtures, one can certainly save their electricity bills.

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